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Engage with SimplyCX

We offer a range of services and educational support materials to meet your needs. Please contact us directly for customized packages and pricing.

In this intro to customer experience-driven design, participants will learn the ‘Magic 5,’ why they’re integral for success, and the importance of holistic wellness within the organization.


Get Ready to Jump:

Introductory Workshop

Our Half Day Sprint is a four-hour workshop for those looking to dig a little deeper into their customer experience efforts.


Slow the Freefall:

Half Day Hands-on Workshop

In this program, you’ll hire us to partner with your team for an engagement of three months where we will actively engage the

Magic 5 with key stakeholders and relevant investors (when required).


Pull the Parachute:

Three Month Journey Mapping Engagement

The very nature of our reality is change. We offer coaching for your CX leader or relevant team member when they get ‘stuck in the weeds’ of organizational change.

Tandem Jump: