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We offer a range of services and educational support materials to meet your needs. Here are some examples. Please contact directly for customized proposals and pricing.

In this intro to customer experience-driven design, participants will learn why the "5 Key Elements" are integral for success, and the importance of customer experience audits and alignment of the organization to be able to identify buyer to customer experience gaps, repair them in a closed-loop fashion, measure their success and move from optimization to future state design.


Get Ready to Jump:

Introductory Workshop

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What is our customer's experience like in their shoes?

  • Are we living up to our brand promise?

  • How did we do on speed-to-value?

  • Where are the gaps that are the most important to our customers?


Customer Experience Audits are a sanity check for how you are performing and perceived to the outside world. Take the guess work out of inside-out decision making, and change the lens to outside-in.


Get Your Bearings:

Customer Experience Audits

Our Full Day Sprint is an experience mapping workshop for those looking to dig a little deeper into their customer experience efforts, including the invitation of cross-functional stakeholders to build customer empathy, collaboration and buy-in and around what improvements are important to customers.


Slow the Freefall:

Full Day Hands-on Workshops

In this program, you’ll hire us to partner with your team for an engagement of two-three months where we will actively engage the

"5 Key Elements" with your key team members and key stakeholders so that they can learn to integrate  these cutting edge best practices into your organization's "DNA".


Pull the Parachute:

Customer Journey Management Engagements

The very nature of our reality is change. We offer coaching for your CX leader or relevant team member when they get ‘stuck in the weeds’ of organizational change.


Tandem Jump:


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