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With expertise in customer experience mapping, voice of the customer, user experience design, and implementing analytics across the customer experience Charlie founded SimplyCX, in 2016.  Charlie works with corporate innovators and start-up founders to co-create the best experiences on planet Earth.​

Charlie's leadership has inspired global award-winning customer experience programs and a legion of CX evangelists.

He was also a creative force behind (and participant in) the Sage Listens Tour, a well publicized cross-country RV tour spanning more than 17 cities, that gave executives an opportunity to personally visit customers and business partners across the U.S., so they could diagnose and fix customer pain points, and strengthen their relationships. This resulted in massive ROI and spurred a Canadian Sage Listens tour.

Charlie has challenged global thought-leadership for over 30 years. As Director of Customer Experience at both Yahoo! and Sage Group plc, he led global customer experience initiatives that saved both companies millions of dollars.


Originally from Scotland, Charlie has lived and traveled all over the world, and now calls Santa Barbara, California his home. He enjoys playing volleyball, paddle-boarding and playing music and videography.

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